News Release
Mitsubishi Estate October 14, 2003

Reconstruction of Tokyo Building* Begins

Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., East Japan Railway Company and The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Ltd. are pleased to announce that the reconstruction of the Tokyo Building* (Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda Ward) is underway. This is the first project in Japan to take advantage of regulations that allow air rights to be transferred from another property in the district to increase floor space as part of the reconstruction plan.

* Proposed name



Plan Outline



Marunouchi 2-7-3, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, Japan



Approx. 8,100m²


Total floor area

Approx. 150,000m²


Floor area capacity

Approx. 139,000m²


Building height

Approx. 164m


Number of floors

4 underground, 33 above ground, and a 1-floor tower structure


Main uses

Offices, stores, parking garage (approx. 300 cars)


Total project cost

Approx. 45 billion yen



Construction Schedule


Construction started in October 2003


Construction scheduled for completion in October 2005



Special Features of New Building


- Gate tower symbolizing the future of Marunouchi
Marunouchi reborn. Time and space are newly conceptualized through the adoption of a uniquely designed fa_ade and gate tower that symbolize the birth of a city of the future.


- Advanced, High-quality Business Functionality
Each floor will have approximately 2,800m² of floor space, a ceiling height of 2.8m and OA-friendly flooring raised 15cm. The architectural design avoids the use of interior supports so as to provide wide-open space that enables freedom and flexibility for office configuration, and meeting tenants' needs for a building capable of satisfying the increasingly diversified demands of the growing global business environment.


- Construction of Pedestrian Walkways
Passageways will run north-south and east-west intersecting throughout the district, highlighted by special walkways to connect pedestrians commuting between Tokyo Station, Tokyo International Forum and Yurakucho. In addition, a roomy, expansive outdoor promenade with a lower level restaurant and commercial zone, directly connecting the JR Keiyo Line concourse, will provide improved convenience and safety to all building tenants.


- Consideration for the Environment
The utmost effort will be placed on reducing negative environmental impact and promoting coexistence with nature through the efficient use of energy, reutilization of resources, reduction of wastes in term of both weight and volume, and the effective greening of open public areas.