MITSUBISHI ESTATE Annual Report 2013

Guided by a growth strategy that is grounded in the strength of our human resources, we will ramp up efforts to orchestrate comfortable cities for the future and create ideal urban environments worldwide.Established in 1937, Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. has a long history of excellence as a compre-hensive real estate company. As a group, our basic mission is to “contribute to society through urban development.” Our activities are wide ranging and include the development, leasing, and management of office buildings and commercial properties, typi ed by the cluster of buildings in Tokyo’s Marunouchi district, the development of real estate for investment purposes, the development and sale of residential properties, design supervision, and real estate brokerage ser-vices. Indicative of its long-term approach toward the development of its business and strategies, the Mitsubishi Estate Group has successfully nurtured the Marunouchi district in Tokyo from its purchase as a wilderness area in 1890 into one of the world’s leading commercial centers. Rather than rest on its laurels, the Group put in place “BREAKTHROUGH 2020: Orchestrating comfortable cities for the future—we create ideal urban environments world-wide,” a new medium- to long-term management plan, in the scal year ended March 31, 2012. Working in unison, the Group is committed to achieving this plan and realizing what we ideally see as the Group in ten years’ time.President & Chief Executive Of cerMitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.3MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD. ANNUAL REPORT 2013