MITSUBISHI ESTATE Annual Report 2013

The Residence Lounge by Mitsubishi JishoThe Residence Lounge by Mitsubishi Jisho, open from April 2013, is a one-stop consultation area offering to our customers a wealth of information and services related to housing, including services tied to leasing operations, con-dominium management, renovation projects, and the buying and selling of housing.0026,0851,05827,20930,00020,00010,0001,5001,000500(57)2012/32013/3-10,000-1,000(Millions of yen)(Millions of yen) Revenue from operations (left scale) Operating income (loss) (right scale) In the Real Estate Services Business, Mitsubishi Real Estate Services Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Jisho House Net Co., Ltd. closely collaborate to meticulously respond to customers’ real estate needs. Leveraging its col-lective strengths and informa-tion capabilities, the Mitsubishi Estate Group provides a wide array of optimal solutions for individual and corporate real estate utilization, brokerage, and leasing.Meticulously Responding to the Various Real Estate Needs of CustomersReal Estate ServicesReal Estate Brokerage and Consulting ServicesMitsubishi Real Estate Services and Mitsubishi Jisho House Net engage in wide-ranging operations relat-ed to real estate owned by individuals and corpora-tions. These operations include purchasing, sales, brokerage for leasing services, and consulting servic-es for real estate utilization. Through brokerage ser-vices for individuals, the two companies provide comprehensive support in real estate purchasing and sales as well as in nding new housing. They meet the diversi ed requirements of customers through a nationwide network. In addition to providing various need-oriented investment proposals to individual customers, they work to satisfy the wide-ranging needs of corporate customers in Japan and overseas through services ranging from real estate assessment, sales, and pur-chase brokerage to consulting for effective utiliza-tion. In this manner, every effort is made to address the diverse requirements of every possible customer. Furthermore, they have established the CRE@M cloud-type system to offer comprehensive assistance from the integrated management of real estate to the operation and progress management of projects in promoting corporate real estate (CRE) strategies.Advancing the Leased Condominium/Of ce Building Management Support Business and Coin-Operated Parking Lot OperationsMitsubishi Real Estate Services and Mitsubishi Jisho House Net offer a variety of lease management sup-port services related to leased condominiums and of ce buildings, and their customer base ranges from individuals and corporate clients to asset managers of securitized real estate. We have a structure that enables comprehensive services covering everything from business plan formulation and product planning to lease management after construction completion. Moreover, we provide our customers with informa-tion on leased properties according to their prefer-ences, including those owned by Mitsubishi Estate. In addition, we are promoting “PEN” automated, coin-operated parking services, applying our extensive expertise in lease management services.CRE Strategic Support System (CRE@M)The Company offers total support for corporate CRE (corpo-rate real estate) strategies, from consolidated real estate man-agement to project operations and progress management.Parking Ecology Network “PEN”To contribute to global environ-mental efforts through parking operations, Mitsubishi Real Estate Services donates a por-tion of the proceeds from park-ing charges to tree-planting programs.19MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD. ANNUAL REPORT 2013