MITSUBISHI ESTATE Annual Report 2013

Offering New Value by Creating Ideal Urban Environments — for People and CitiesCreating new value through our retail property busi-ness, synchronizing people’s lifestyles with “urban heartbeats,” the Mitsubishi Estate Group orchestrates ideal urban environments that maximize cities’ value and the quality of living for everybody who lives and works in them as well as for those who visit. Since the 1989 opening of the Tenjin MM Building (IMS) in Fukuoka Prefecture, retail property operations have become a full-blown business with numerous projects completed, including the Yokohama Landmark Tower and the Marunouchi Building. In its efforts to create a more appealing city, Mitsubishi Estate has continued to raise the value of retail facilities in the Marunouchi area. To this end, we opened iiyo!! (a commercial zone in the Marunouchi Eiraku Building), the seventh facility operated by the Group, in March 2012. Along with such infrastructure development, the Company is fer-vently carrying out promotional activities. From an area management perspective, Mitsubishi Estate is focusing on operations that realize intangible bene- ts. In projects outside the Marunouchi area, we opened MARK IS Shizuoka (Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture), the first independent retail property under the core MARK IS brand, in April 2013. This was followed by the opening of MARK IS Minatomi-rai (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) in June 2013. In addition, Mitsubishi Estate launched the SHISUI PREMIUM OUTLETS (Shisui-machi, Inba-gun, Chiba Prefecture) in April 2013. Mitsubishi Estate will continue to focus on three types of retail properties: those in Marunouchi, cen-tered on the Marunouchi Building; urban- and subur-ban-type retail properties focusing mainly on the MARK IS series; and outlet facilities developed by Mitsubishi Estate·Simon Co., Ltd., which became a consolidated subsidiary in March 2009. Maintaining this focus, the Company will promote a variety of projects across Japan with an eye to business devel-opment as it cultivates global markets going forward.In its retail property business, Mitsubishi Estate is pushing ahead with the development of various types of retail properties that match the unique fea-tures of each area. The Mitsubishi Estate Group continuously engages in facility planning, development, tenant leasing and management operations through its comprehensive business structure.Active Expansion of the Retail Property Business throughout JapanKazutoshi HatasueAssistant ManagerDevelopmentMitsubishi Estate·Simon Co., Ltd.Shisui PREMIUM OUTLETS opened in April 2013 and offers easy access from central Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture. Travel time by car is about 50 minutes from central Tokyo and about 10 minutes from Narita Airport. Visitors can also take a bus from Shisui Station on the JR Line or Keisei Shisui Station on the Keisei Line. Shisui PREMIUM OUTLETS covers a site area of approximately 420,000m2, which is larger than Gotemba PREMIUM OUTLETS, and offers parking for as many as 5,500 cars. The facility was designed with an art deco theme that is reminiscent of American cities of the 1930s, with the dining pavilion patterned on an airport. With the goal of creating an environment pleasing to overseas visitors, the facility features a shuttle bus to Narita Airport, covered bus stops extending a full 250 meters, foreign exchange and ight information ser-vices, and full-time staff capable of providing multilingual assistance. From popular select shops to stores spe-cializing in domestic and overseas fashion brands, sporting and outdoor goods, and life-style items, not to mention restaurants offer-ing exclusive menus featuring local specialties, Shisui PREMIUM OUTLETS provides a rich line-up of shopping experiences, and visitors are invited to nd their own particular favorite.Retail Property GroupMARK IS ShizuokaOpened on April 12, 2013, the large-scale shipping center offers seven oors above ground with a total oor and retail store space of approxi-mately 36,000 tsubo and 11,000 tsubo, respectively. With convenient access, MARK IS SHIZUOKA is about a three-minute walk from the JR Higashi Shizuoka Station, four min-utes on foot from Yunoki Station on the Shizuoka Railway Line, and ve minutes from Naganuma Station.MARK IS MinatomiraiOpened on June 21, 2013, this facility will comprise six oors above ground and four oors below ground. Shop floor space will come in at around 13,000 tsubo with total oor space of approximately 35,100 tsubo. The clos-est railway station is Minatomirai on the Yokohama Minatomirai Line, with direct access from the fourth under-ground oor. The facility is also eight minutes on foot by moving walkway to JR Sakuragicho Station.Shisui PREMIUM OUTLETSOpened on April 19, 2013, this is the ninth facility under the PREMIUM OUTLETS brand name. Located in Shisui-machi, Inba-gun, Chiba Prefecture, this complex boasts total store oor space of approxi-mately 21,700m2. Together with eight stores that are opening for the rst time in Japan, this develop-ment opened with a total of 121 stores, the largest number of any PREMIUM OUTLETS at the time of opening.9MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD. ANNUAL REPORT 2013