HIGHLIGHT 1 : Headquarters Relocation Project

The Mitsubishi Estate Group is carrying out various initiatives both internally and externally to help realize a sustainable society, including work style reforms following the relocation of its headquarters, becoming a signatory to the UN Global Compact, and establishing a Group-wide policy on human rights.

Creating a Constantly Evolving Office that Influences Future Community Development
- The Headquarters Relocation Project Today

On January 5, 2018, Mitsubishi Estate relocated its headquarters to the Otemachi Park Building to revitalize its workspaces in the pursuit of new value creation.
The new headquarters concept is embodied in the words “limitless communication.” This signifies our commitment to create a venue for generating new value through workspaces where people truly connect without limits. We will fulfill this commitment as part of our work style reforms for productivity and employee health advancement.
Under this project, we will usher in workspace and program innovations based on the voice of employees. Our new headquarters will also serve as a real-life testing ground in which outcomes, knowledge and know-how will be proposed to customers and utilized in the planning of innovative new office buildings.

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Photo: New headquarters

All-hands-on-deck project revitalizing workspaces for new value creation

Today, company needs for office space are becoming more varied and sophisticated. This includes the need for workspaces that are more productive, comfortable and environmentally friendly. Viewing these changes as a business opportunity, Mitsubishi Estate is working to develop and share a new vision for office space. This requires that we establish creative work styles in a comfortable and healthy workplace for our own people.
With this in mind, in April 2017 Mitsubishi Estate established the Work Style Reform Promotion Committee, which reports directly to the President. The committee's Promotion Secretariat, comprising mid-career and younger employees and Promotion Leaders from each department, works together to brainstorm novel ideas, with final decision-making entrusted to senior management. In this manner, the project involves the voice of all employees.
Trials targeting certain departments are implemented by the CHANGE WORK Project Team to gauge the pros and cons of novel approaches. In turn, the actual introduction of new facilities and programs is determined based on repeated real life trials and reviews.

Image:Workflow of the all-hands-on-deck project

Workflow of the all-hands-on-deck project

Creating workspaces that foster natural interactions among a diverse workforce

The new headquarters concept is “limitless communication from MEC Park.” The goal is to create a park-like setting where a truly diverse workforce congregates, resulting in natural interactions between all employees. The new office will also produce new value for customers and society by stimulating people's sensitivities and intellect, and also by involving everyone in the creation process.
Following this concept, we have reformed the office environment at our new headquarters in many ways. For example, we adopted a free-address work environment that balances the operating styles of varied work styles and group work. To promote dialogue, our executive officers in charge of each business no longer have private offices. In addition, one-third of the entire headquarters is allocated to common areas to foster encounters with people of varying backgrounds from both inside and outside the company. Separate, private stairways between floors have been installed to open up vertical exchanges and promote communication. We have also built an in-house cafeteria that serves employees free breakfast and lunch, playing the dual role of health promoter and separate workplace.

Photo:Free-address work environment

Free-address work environment

Employees can choose their workplace on any given day from a host of different seating options, including low tables, high tables, large desks and individual desks, among others. Efforts were made to reduce paper and digitize documents, eliminating more than 70% of document storage cabinets compared to before the move.

Photo:Open staircases between floors

Open staircases between floors

Private stairways have been installed so that employees can move freely between floors, bypassing the building's common areas. This promotes casual conversations, encourages health advancement and mitigates the risks posed by loss or theft of confidential information.

Photo:SPARKLE Cafeteria

SPARKLE Cafeteria

The cafeteria serves free breakfast for a healthier start to the day. Employees can also use the cafeteria as a workspace, encouraging new ideas and new insights.

Photo:Double the common area

Double the common area

One-third of the new headquarters is allocated to common areas, or double the amount of the previous one. This creates opportunities for insight through discussion and increases motivation and productivity.

Developing workspaces for various work styles and ensuring employees contribute their skills to the fullest

Creating new value through people's encounters requires an office that respects each and every employee's work style and that helps maintain their mental and physical health.
Our new headquarters features workspaces with varying forms of spatial design to cater to the unique work styles of individual employees. We have also rolled out a number of systems for fully supporting performance at work, including a power nap program using the nap room and work interval program, where employees can take extended breaks from work even during busy periods. Also, the cafeteria serves free breakfast and there is an onsite fitness program, too.

Photo:Varying forms of spatial design

Varying forms of spatial design

Varying forms of spatial design are used for each floor and each purpose, with emphasis given to boosting insight, motivation, and productivity. Common areas are set up throughout the office for employees to work alone or hold meetings.

Photo:Nap Room

Nap Room

A new power nap program has been introduced for improving performance.

Photo:Wellness program

Wellness program

Features a flexible onsite fitness program for employees for the purpose of health advancement.

Photo:Introduction of a Fingerprint Identification System

Introduction of a Fingerprint Identification System

We have introduced a number of new technologies for real life testing at our new office.

Developing new proposals and new community building through real life testing of leading edge technologies

The Headquarters Relocation Project adopted a number of leading edge technologies based on the voice of employees to create an office space that encourages inclusive, natural communication, while also considering employees' varying work styles and health.
Such technologies include a security system with fingerprint reader and payment system linked to individual bank accounts. The new headquarters also features an employee location system that provides information on how busy common areas or the cafeteria may be, and allows colleagues to find one another with a quick glance of the screen.
Mitsubishi Estate plans to propose the outcomes, knowledge and know-how gained from these new approaches to customers, and utilize them in the planning of innovative new office buildings. Various initiatives are now underway at the new headquarters with the goal of making it a starting point for future community development.

Image:Starting point for future community development