Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Co., Ltd. Becomes Japan's Leading Supplier of Condominiums

Through the Residential Business segment, we aim to provide ideal living environments in concert with healthy and fulfilling lifestyles by developing, marketing and leasing condominiums, single-unit homes and residential land while engaging in renovation activities as well as condominium management and consulting services for the optimal use of real estate. At the same time, Mitsubishi Estate operates and manages golf courses.

Residential Sales Business

Under its flagship Parkhouse condomimum brand, Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Co., Ltd. offers an extensive lineup that caters to a broad customer base. In its first year of operations, the company became the top supplier of condominiums in Japan (Source: Real Estate Economic Institute Co., Ltd.).

Following the Great East Japan Earthquake, Mitsubishi Jisho Residence took steps to reinforce its disaster countermeasure standards. In addition to adopting a more detailed approach and increasing the number of review items, the Company put together a disaster countermeasure chart and disaster prevention plan for each building in an effort to better visualize the status of disaster countermeasures. Furthermore Mitsubtshi Jisho Residence will research an extensive range of scenarios to provide residents with increased safety and peace of mind.

With the overarching vision--" Always, new joy in daily life"--Mitsubishi Jisho Residence will continue to employ an integrated production and sales structure and system and lend a keen ear to the voices of its customers. By maintaining lifelong ties with each and every customer, Mitsubishi Jisho residence will maintain its unwavering focus on addressing diverse needs and work toward becoming the leading company in terms of its quality and service.

Picture: The Parkhouse Tsudanuma Kanade no Mori

The Parkhouse Tsudanuma Kanade no Mori
The Parkhouse Tsudanuma is located in the Kanade no Mori large-scale multi-use development project that is currently on progress. Offering a total of 721 seismic isolation condominiums, the Parkhouse Tsudanuma will form part of an expansive development site of approximately 350,000m² on front of JR Sobu line Tsudanuma railway station.

Picture: The Park House Harumi Towers Krono Residence

The Parkhouse Harumi Towers Krono Residence
A new oasis in the Harumi area of Chuo Ward, the Parkhouse Harumi Towers Krono Residence is located in close proximity to the heart of the city, a short 2.5km and 3.5km from Ginza and Marunouchi, respectively. Offering a total of approximately 1,800 units on completion, the first tower of the twin tower condominium complex will be comprised of a 49-story structure of around 883 units. Accredited as an outstanding long-term tower residence, the Parkhouse Harumi Tower Krono Residence is the first urban project to employ seismic isolation construction.

Residential Leasing Business

Mitsubishi Estate Group is accelerating its residential leasing business through the PARK HABIO brand, focusing on the Tokyo Metropolitan area. To date, the Company has completed 50 condominium complexes. We will continue to promote our residential leasing business by consistently providing high-quality condominiums.

Picture: PARK HABIO Akasaka Tower

PARK HABIO Akasaka Tower
This 212-unit lease condominium building provides premium communal facilities and hospitality features that go beyond those expected in ordinary rental condominium buildings. A signature feature is the Sky Lounge and the gym.

Custom-Built Housing Business

Mitsubishi Estate Home Co., Ltd. provides custom-built housing that features security, safety, eco-friendliness and comfort. The company recently announced its zero energy specification Smart Evarie smart house and the economical, reinforced concrete RecoCube home. The company also has an extensive track record in effective land use and the construction of houses built for sale.

Picture: Shakujii Home Gallery (Two·Fami1y Home)

Shakujii Home Gallery (Two·Family Home)
Distinguished by its appealing and warm design, Shakujii Home Gallery puts forward custom-build proposals that take into consideration the importance of family members spending time together as well as the need for privacy.

Condominium Renovation Business

Mitsubishi Estate Home Renovations, the new condominium renovation business brand, came into being in April 2012. Bringing together the Mitsubishi Estate Group's collective strengths, the business offers consistently high-quality services from renovation proposals to construction and after-sales service.

Image: Condominium Renovation Business

Mitsubishi Estate Home Renovations